Wrestling Nerds: About Us

Sports radios and wrestling podcasts may not be as popular as before. However, the good news is that some people simply want to relax at home while listening to interviews and analyses of different events. But which ones are the best? Well, if you want to find answers, you have come to the right place!

Who Are We?

We are a group of people that are constantly talking about wrestling. That’s a normal thing for someone who retired a couple of years ago from any form of sports activity. But the same passion and love for these sports remained. Because of that, as ex-wrestlers, we decided to do something about it and share our knowledge about this sport with English-speaking people.

LiveAudioWrestling is a blog where you can find all the necessary information about different sports radios and podcasts. As our domain suggests, we are mostly focused on wrestling. However, we will sometimes talk about other sports channels and radios as well. We are not just sharing information – we are sharing love! Our main goal is to promote wrestling and wrestling podcasts as much as we can. Some of them are underrated and we want to help them succeed.

What Do We Write About?

Our blog posts are never too short or too long. The mission of the LiveAudioWrestling blog is to help people find the best sports radios and wrestling podcasts that will help them improve in any way. For example, we will sometimes dedicate the entire post to a particular wrestling radio. We will put into consideration everything – who the hosts are, which style they use to explain stuff and make things entertaining, which topics are covered during interviews or solo recordings, etc. After you read our explanations and reviews, you will know whether a radio deserves your attention or not.

Keep in mind that we write from the perspective of people that love wrestling (remember we are pretty passionate about it). We know what you want to hear, and we will just guide you to “that place”.

And That’s Not All

We do know that many individuals that want to start their own wrestling podcast are reading our blogs. Because of that, we will regularly share tips on how to accomplish different tasks that will help you improve the quality of content and promote yourself in the best possible way. As stated, we support the work of different radios, and, who knows, maybe you will become part of our blog posts one day as well!

We Will Also Analyze Different Events

As ex-wrestlers, we believe that our credibility and experience allow us to share personal opinions on different topics. Apart from analyzing different podcasts and radios, we will also talk about different events, wrestling matches, and other stuff through our blog posts. In other words, we will sometimes start the discussions that you can usually hear on the most popular wrestling podcasts and sports radios.

Join Us

You now know who we are! The last thing we can do is to invite you to read our blog posts regularly and participate in conversations that we start. You are free to leave a comment below every post we share and tell us which experience you had while listening to the podcasts we suggested. Join us and let’s wrestle together!