Best Wrestling Podcasts People Should Know About

Best Wrestling Podcasts People Should Know About

It is not a secret that people have different opinions about wrestling. One group of people consider this individual sport aggressive. On the other hand, there are also people that simply LOVE to watch the battles in the ring. Wrestling is a type of sport where you can see a lot of adrenaline, passion, and fighting spirit. These are all things you can see when watching matches on the TV screen.

But what if you can listen to wrestling? At first, our question may seem silly. There truly is a way to “listen to” wrestling. The most pleasing experience will be ensured if you find the best wrestling podcasts!

They may not be as popular as before. But we can’t neglect their tradition. They have existed for decades, and, even today, some of them enjoy massive popularity. Because of that, we would like to talk about them. Let’s get started!

LAW (Live Audio Wrestling)

The creator of this podcast was Jeff Marek. He started this journey on May 13, 1997. In total, the podcast had 1040 episodes and 20 different series (each year counts as one of them). In the beginning, the podcasts had only one purpose – to talk about wrestling, analyze the latest events, and announce the most important news. A couple of years later, this Canadian podcast became a radio station. The length of each episode was not always the same. For example, until 2000, it lasted 1 hour. But the episodes were prolonged to 2 hours after that.

Unfortunately, the original series was shut down on October 30, 2017. After that, a new video podcast series appeared under the same name. But, this time, it became part of Impact Wrestling, one of the most popular wrestling channels on Twitch.

The Art of Wrestling

Colt Cabana truly knows how to make wrestling even more amazing and interesting for people. We believe that a certain group of people started to love this sport after listening to his stories. Generally, he was not too popular at the beginning of his career. But, after one of the most popular interviews with C.M. Punk, this podcast became viral among people. The most intriguing thing is that he is recording episodes from his apartment in Chicago. Who says that wrestling podcasts require big investments?

Cheap Heat

Three amazing wrestling experts, Peter Rosenberg, Stat Guy Greg, and David Shoemaker were hosts of Cheap Heat. If you listened to their episodes, then you know they had the habit of talking about all wrestling-related topics. Indeed, David left the team, but the remaining two guys still know how to make the show.

The Taz Show

People who host podcasts of this type usually prepare the material and topics they will talk about. In other words, they make some sort of plan and outline. However, we do believe that’s not the case with the TAZ Show. We invite you to check this option and confirm that everything around it is natural. That’s something that gives this show some specific vibe. You will feel like listening to a friend in a cafe or restaurant. However, keep in mind that “this friend” has knowledge about the things he is talking about!

The Steve Austin Show

What to say about Steve Austin, one of the most famous WWE stars? People had the chance to enjoy interviews with Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar. Talking with Brock is pretty difficult which only confirms that Steve is a good host. However, don’t expect only wrestling topics to be covered here. Austin likes to talk about different things. For example, he sometimes dedicates the entire episode to things that piss him off. But these exceptions are probably those that make particular podcasts unique and special. We are sure you will love it.

Tights and Fights

This podcast is not as old as some of the other ones on this list. It started to go live in 2016. However, for 6 years, more than 300 episodes have been released. That means the base of followers is not small and the content hosts share is interesting.

The hosts of this program are Lindsey Kelk, Danielle Radford, and Hal Lublin. Following this podcast is good for all the individuals that want to be familiar with the latest news in this world. These three professionals will talk about all the headlines they see in the newspapers and online. You can also hear them discuss (and sometimes argue) who is going to win the match, which wrestlers are overrated or underrated, etc.

The Ross Report

There is something interesting about this podcast. Jim Ross can probably welcome the best wrestlers in the world. Instead of that, he invites people that are not that popular. You can often see that some of his guests are wrestlers that are planning to become successful one day.

Apart from that, it is pretty amazing how informed Ross actually is. You can hear some news and analyses that no one else can provide you with. That opportunity will be available to people only once a week. But we believe you will barely wait 7 days to pass after listening to only one episode.

The Kevin Gill Show

Last, but not least, The Kevin Gill Show. No, the guests are not the most popular wrestlers in the entire world. However, topics that are covered in his podcasts are changing from one week to another. The guests that appeared in the previous episodes are people from organizations like NXT and Lucha Underground. Listening to this podcast is going to be pretty entertaining!

Final Thought

All these wrestling podcasts are pretty amazing. Some of them even bring the wrestlers as role models to a huge group of people. On the other hand, some of them still use their apartments as studios. The content is something that matters, and we focused on that when writing this article. You will hear amazing debates and discussions, the latest news, analyses of events, etc. Check them out one by one and find the podcast that suits you the most.