Live Audio Wrestling: One of the Best Wrestling Podcasts

Live Audio Wrestling: One of the Best Wrestling Podcasts

Wrestling podcasts certainly are one of the options people gladly choose when having free time. Being in love with this individual sport is not too common. We can’t neglect that team sports like soccer or basketball and individual sports like tennis are more popular. Some people consider wrestling aggressive, and that probably is the reason for a bit lower popularity.

But, Live Audio Wrestling, one of the best podcasts about wrestling can certainly make you a fan of this sport. Because of that, we invite you to find out more about it. You will get the desire to check out which information is published there!

Short Overview of Live Audio Wrestling

Live Audio Wrestling is more popular under the name the LAW. Because of that, don’t get surprised if you see this acronym somewhere online. The podcast was established in Canada and was focused on sports topics related to wrestling. The hosts of this show were two incredible wrestling experts known in different parts of the globe – Jason Agnew and Dan Lovranski.

The creator of the podcast was Jeff Marek. In 1997, he decided to turn his passion into a podcast and let listeners grab more details about their role models, matches, and other information about their favorite sport.

In the beginning, LAW was a typical internet radio show talking about WWE and mixed martial arts. However, over time, it managed to become a professional and serious radio that people could find on different stations across Toronto. After 2 decades of work, they decided to join CHUM, one of the best stations in Toronto and entire Canada. They remind the members of that team until 2017 when this show was finally canceled. The reason why that happened is not quite clear.

The good news is that there are people who respect the content and entire story around this podcast and radio. Because of that, people can now find another podcast series under the LAW name. It is part of Impact Wrestling, and you can hear this series on their Twitch account.

Before we end this part, there is one more thing that we have to say. People can find migrated episodes of the original show on the Post Wrestling website. That is probably going to be a piece of interesting information for people that were fans of this show for more than 2 decades.

Hosts and Co-Hosts of the Show: Who They Were?

In the overview of this show, you could read two different names – Dan Lovranski and Jason Agnew. These two experts were the most popular co-hosts in one period. Jason was primarily a producer between 1999 and 2003. After four years of a successful production career at LAW, he decided to become a host. He remained that until the very end of the show. Dan Lovranski had almost the identical past. He was primarily a producer of the show between 1998 and 2000. After that, he remained a co-host until the cancellation in 2017.

Are these two individuals the only ones that participated? No!

There were 4 more hosts that participated in this show. When the show started, the three hosts were Chris Tidwell (under the name Notorious T.I.D), Donnie Abreu (Big Daddy), and Jeff Marek, the creator of the entire show. His nickname was Gentleman. One by one, they were leaving the show. Chriss Tidwell left the crew in 1999, Donnie did that in 200, while the creator of the show decided to go in 2003. For only one year, the host of the LAW was also Trish Stratus. However, for some reason, he decided to find another job.

What Was the Length of the Episodes?

A clear answer to that question does not exist because the length of each episode was not the same all the time. Until 2000, the hosts and producers agreed that each episode would last for only 1 hour. But, after 2000, all the episodes were 2-hours-long. That was enough time to cover all the interesting topics and talk about the latest news and events. The special post-Wrestlemania editions were around 3 hours long. That was ideal for the biggest wrestling enthusiasts that didn’t bother to spend the entire day listening to news from the wrestling world.

How Many Episodes Have Been Released?

We know that you will read the number of episodes a couple of times. Believe it or not, there have been 1040 LAW episodes that people could enjoy. Apart from that, there were also Spinoff Series episodes that were not included here. There is no precise data on how many of them were released. Trust us, there were a lot of them!

Interesting Facts about the LAW Podcast Popularity

It is hard to describe with words how popular this show actually was. There is one interesting fact that can probably explain things better. The Live Audio Wrestling was ranked #1 in the Toronto market among the male population. This fact should surprise us because wrestling truly is more popular among men.

The biggest success was made in April 2006. During that month, this podcast was the number one option for a big group of men between 25 and 49. On Sunday nights, their share was around 18.7 in total. On the other hand, the share among the male population between 18 and 34 was around 18.

Last Word

Live Audio Wrestling was not just a radio station or podcast. This was a brand! A big number of wrestling enthusiasts were regularly following it. The hosts that we mentioned truly were professionals and they knew how to make the show even more entertaining. Even today, it is unclear why the show was officially canceled. The good news is that there are certain series even today and their quality is not low at all. We invite you to check it out!