Starting a Wrestling Podcast: Full Guide

Starting a Wrestling Podcast: Full Guide

It is not a secret that wrestling podcasts are still popular among people. You can hear a lot of people gaining knowledge and the latest news from this world that way. But, compared to some other business fields, it is not too competitive.

That can be a good sign for people that are planning to start a wrestling podcast. However, things are not as easy as they seem. In theory, you probably think you need good equipment and a passion for wrestling. These two things have to be present, but they are not the only ones that will influence your success.

In this article, we shared all the steps you need to pass through to make your beginning more comfortable. The steps you have to make are

  • Determine your budget
  • Determine your knowledge
  • Find the appropriate equipment
  • Find the place where you will record
  • Create an outline for a couple of episodes
  • Make your editing style

Let’s describe each step!

Determine Your Budget

Before you even start this journey, you need to know how much money you can invest in your wrestling podcast. Without initial capital, you will not manage to properly start your podcasting career. You will either have to purchase less expensive equipment or invest less money in the premise where you will record episodes (or design of that place).

Is there a solution? Well, the first one is to find a way to make more money. However, a more realistic option is to find sponsors. This can be pretty tough because the potential clients can’t predict how popular your show will be. If you want to attract investors or sponsors, you will have to make an in-depth business plan that will convince them to do that.

Determine Your Knowledge

Don’t even start this sort of business if you are not familiar with all the topics from the wrestling world. All the podcasters that are popular today are really into this industry. They follow every match, know every detail from the biography of all wrestlers, etc. Sharing disinformation or publishing content with a lack of information will negatively influence your reputation. In case you see you are not too good, always check the information a couple of times before you share it in your show.

Find the Appropriate Equipment

Purchase Pop Filters There is an option to start podcasting with a single iPhone. We will not neglect the quality of this brand. However, the sound probably won’t be good enough to impress the listeners. That is the reason why buying an appropriate microphone is the first thing you should work on. Which type of mic you will purchase depends only on you. The options that are in front of you are

  • Dynamic mics
  • USB mics
  • Condenser mics

Apart from this, the additional pieces of information you can purchase are pop filters, over-the-ear headphones, XLR connections, etc.

The equipment does not have to be expensive. All you should do is read reviews (a lot of them) before making the final decision. That especially counts if your budget is limited and you do not have the right to make a mistake.

Find the Place Where You Will Record

If you want people to consider you professional and serious, then you need to find a place where you will record. However, there is one trick – you do not even have to exit your room. There are many podcasters that are recording episodes in their apartment. However, you must ensure that the room looks like a studio and has good isolation. If you need design tips – create a logo on the wall!

P.S. Of course, if your budget allows you, rent an apartment or premises for this purpose. Keep in mind the rent costs should not be too high!

Create an Outline for a Couple of Episodes

More precisely, we suggest you start creating an outline for just ONE episode. That way, you will easily see how long the episode will be, which topics you will cover, etc. Do not make outlines for a couple of episodes at once. Go step by step and don’t forget there is always a chance the plan can change. The reason for that is simple – different things constantly happen in the wrestling world.

Anyway, which topics can you cover? Well, you can discuss different events, players, and eventually, matches from the past. Invite someone to join you! We know you do not have the capacity to invite famous wrestlers. At least, that opportunity won’t appear immediately. But try to invite someone who is a wrestler and who has the credibility to talk about these topics.

Make Your Editing Style

Every podcaster has his own style of editing. That’s something that makes each channel different and unique. You can check your competitors for inspiration. However, don’t copy/paste them and strive to reach a high level of uniqueness.

Before we end this article, there is something we have to note. People that run podcasts often make common editing mistakes. First of all, ensure that the intro is not too long. Apart from that, the background music must not be louder than your voice or the voice of the person you are interviewing. In the end, be sure that you are not using copyrighted music. Get permission from the artist or find royalty-free music.


All these steps will ensure that you start your journey more comfortably. But that doesn’t mean you will become the best wrestling podcaster of all time. How your career will improve directly depends on your ability to promote yourself, make good content, and your effort and desire to succeed. You do not have working hours; you need to constantly research the latest news and gain interesting facts that listeners would like to hear.