Things your credit card insurance covers and that maybe you didn’t know

Credit cards are a very useful payment instrument for all types of situations as they allow you to make a purchase at any establishment in the world or make a reservation. These cards have great advantages, since in addition to having different forms of payment that make your day to day easier, they have associated some insurance that is free, such as travel assistance insurance and accident insurance.

As well as some of the coverage and conditions that your cards have

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  • Cards that have coverage. It is important that we check which credit cards are included in these insurances since, sometimes, not all of them do and the coverage varies from one card to another.
  • Who or who are considered insured for the company and, therefore, enter the policy. Sometimes, even if the insured is the cardholder, the insurance coverage covers more people, as long as the established requirements are met.
  • Maximum amounts for each coverage. The policy details the maximum amount that is reimbursed to the client and each of the cases to which it applies.
  • Cases that are explicitly excluded from coverage. This section is of the utmost importance since it will be where you check that there are situations that are not covered by your insurance.

What does travel assistance insurance cover?

What does travel assistance insurance cover?


The coverage is quite extensive and you must always read them carefully to be aware of what the insurance will cover and what not. In the case of this type of insurance, the cardholder and any other person who has been paid for the trip with the card are considered insured (up to a maximum of 5 people for an individual card and a maximum of 10 for a company card) . The insurance will also be valid anywhere in the world and, in Spain, it will begin to be valid after 30 kilometers of the usual place of residence.

Coverages are divided into different groups

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  • Accident or illness assistance.

Immobilization in a hotel: if the insured cannot return due to being injured or ill due to medical prescription and must extend his stay, the insurance instead of the insurer? The insurer will be responsible for the expenses due to the extension of the instance for a maximum of 10 nights.

  • Assistance for damage to luggage.

Theft in hotel safe. Have you ever hesitated to leave your valuables in the hotel safe for fear of being robbed? Your insurance can cover what has been stolen, as long as the fact is confirmed with a complaint and, in addition, the maximum limit for these cases must be taken into account.

  • Assistance for delay of means of transport.

Delayed trip departure. Sometimes, travel delays are suffered that can seriously harm us. If you have paid the tickets with your credit card, find out how your insurance can cover these damages.

  • Liability assistance.

Search for legal representative abroad. If a problem occurs to you abroad, your card insurance will help you find a person to help you.

What does accident insurance cover?

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For accident insurance, a series of insured capitals that we must know are detailed, since the amount that the insurance will pay to the insured will vary depending on the accident occurred and the consequences it has.

The coverages are:

  • Public transport tickets paid with the card.
  • Reimbursement of purchases paid with the card.

It is important to keep in mind that, in this insurance, it is established who or who the beneficiaries will be.

As you can see, many of the coverages interest us all, so remember that in order to benefit from all this you have to have your card and have made purchases with it (either to pay for the trip, transportation, etc). And most importantly: check your policy to know what your credit card insurance covers for any questions and take it with you on your trips.

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